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Modular houses NextDom - optimal solutions

“When the trust account is high, communication is easy, instant, and effective.” - Stephen R. Covey

As a general contractor, we provide our customers with a fixed schedule and price list for the full implementation of the project right from the start. At the same time, we offer everything you need to design your dream home, freeing you from extra charges and commissions to third parties and other unforeseen costs

Our complete set of services consists of: designing, surveying the terrain, precise prices and specifications, administration, construction and warranty

Workflow optimization and lower prices come from three key areas:

I. Planning and design

No planning time required. Practically our architects can customize your home for just a day. Quick development of own design is also possible, due to our flexible modular grid system, that allows the same panels and details to fit in your new design.  No planning cost. Our architects and engineers have pre-designed the most efficient homes under 100m2. High customization and even complete new design is possible at symbolic costs.

II. Production

Our factory has the capacity of producing an approximate of 200m2 of panels per day, which is enough to manufacture building components for more then 2 homes a day. We constantly invest in fixed capital so our machinery can produce top quality materials in a short amount of time Due to our uniformly designed building components we can have easy mass production that reduces the overall cost significantly. We use the same load bearing profile for the wall, floor and roof panel, thus generalizing our structure and details, which saves further costs of the projec.

III. Building site

Having no wet processes , our prefabricated panel system allows us to construct a NEXTDOM just for 2 – 8 weeks, depending from the building site location, properties of the terrain and size of the home. Our professional installation team is well trained to assemble our technical building system with special care to the finishes.  Our prefabricated panel system which is easy to assemble allows us to complete the construction within few weeks. This highly industrialized method of building requires less labor force and less time of execution which lowers the overall cost of the project significantly .

 NEXTDOM’s main obligation is to create your dream home by using limited planet earth resources. In order to achieve this, we focus on implying the following principles:

The structural system is made of steel that is recyclable and OSB which is a completely renewable material. We also use energy efficient doors and windows, together with quality thermal insulation that saves further the energy consumption of your home. In the construction site, our prefabricated modular system and ventilated floor, results in one complete wet free building , leaving the soil undamaged from the cast in-site concrete. In addition our structure can be easily dismounted and recycled with no footprints left on the site, thus leaving the soil undamaged. Together with partner companies, we offer solutions for renewable energy systems that include solar panels, wind turbines and ground source heat pump , all of which proof to be great long-term investments for both you and our planet.

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