Technology and advantages of NextDom modular houses

Sustainability and safety of NEXTDOM modular houses

Durability is one of the greatest advantage of this type of construction. This is due to two factors - extremely light but strong construction, as well as lack of movable connections in it. Thus, buildings have increased coefficient of earthquake resistance. In addition doors or windows will not block with time, there will be no cracked corners or floating roofs , as a consequence of frame movement. Fire resistance - metal and stone wool are non-flammable materials. Electrical safety - all wires, whether heavy or low current, are laid in a hoop, which does not allow the wire to compromise upon possible contact with the metal structure. Sound insulation is guaranteed by inserting high density stone wool into walls (100 mm) and ceilings (200 mm). At the customer's request, standard gypsum panels can be replaced with soundproof ones.

About 50 trees are needed to build a standard house! Metal houses help protect our forests

Sustainable design

The importance of how good our design is, goes along with how sustainable our homes are, making our initial edict develop from “form follows function”, to “design follows environment”.

Innovative facade

Our universal steel facade allows you to choose different type of appearances ( white, brown etc ) and texture (wood, granite, etc ), meanwhile benefiting from its light and durable characteristics.

Energy efficient

The better the energy efficiency package you choose the better indoor climate you get, longer building life span and lower energy consumption.