Stages of completion

Stage 1 - The offer includes:

* Manufacture, supply and installation of a steel, load-bearing, modular structure from cold-bent profiles.

From outside to inside, the wall consists of:

* Metal construction - made of cold-bent, galvanized profiles with a number of qualities compared to conventional construction;

* Reduced turnaround times and costs, reduced manual processing time, fast and easy installation, high durability of buildings, perfectly disassembled and recyclable system, high earthquake resistance.

Stage 2 - Offer includes Stage 1 plus:

* MCS-suspended, ventilated facade/can be viewed on our website;

* OSB 11mm K3 – moisture-resistant boards made of selected wood and special resins;

* Stone wool 50kg/m3-100mm in the walls and 200mm in the roof for heat and noise insulation;

* Vapor barrier membrane to protect the thermal insulation from the penetration of water money;

* OSB K2 (K3 in bathroom) - 9mm., plasterboard 12.5mm - white in bedrooms and living rooms, green (waterproof) in bathroom;

* EL and plumbing installations - next to the console;

* For option 1 and 2 (with floor section) – OSB K2-9mm, Rock wool 50kg/m3-100mm, OSB K3-18mm;

Stage 3 - turnkey - Offer includes Stage 1 and Stage 2 plus:

* For the floor: fiberboard 3 cm, underlay for laminated parquet, laminated parquet;

* Walls: gypsum putty, latex;

* For bathroom: completely finished with tiles, sink, shower, monoblock,

* Lighting fixtures, switches and sockets;

Pricing Components:

* Selection of stage of completion.

* The location of the object is important in the formation of the price per square meter, because the transport is embedded in it.

** At Stage 3, it is possible that the price per square meter varies exclusively according to the choice of class and quality of the materials with which it will be executed. In the offers to our customers, we can set a price with low, medium or high-end materials.