NEXTDOM – Innovative modular houses

Not only form and style, but a way of living.

NEXT DOM presents to its clients the combination of aesthetic architecture, functionality, speed of execution of each project and energy efficiency through innovative facade. Additionally, our homes possess exceptional strength as a consequence of the steel panels which comprise the house structure.

Comfort, sustainability and energy efficiency

We came up with 5 solutions to provide you with the most effective home under 100m2,each home can be further customized to best suit your needs. Our focus is to design a home with all the necessities and nothing more in a dense, compact space with a clear aesthetic coherence and a use of quality materials that are energy efficient.Upon request, NextDom flexible technology allows our architects to help you develop your own different idea of a perfect home.

Delta Dom modular houses

Holiday home, with a conservative neat design and high interior space. Adaptable to any landscape, this home consists of 1 and 1-1/2 floors.

Мodular houses Meta Dom

Holiday home that is adaptable to any landscape. Characterized with dynamic appearance, open to the surrounding context . The model is 32 m2 and houses 2 residents.

Modular houses Silva Dom

A hybrid between a holiday and a permanent home, with all the necessities and nothing more. The model is 47 m2 and houses 4 residents +2 guests.

Modular houses Flexi Dom

Permanent home with neat and sharp design and high interior space that fits in a variety of surrounding contexts. The model is 52 m2 and houses 4 residents +2 guests.

Modular houses Civic Dom

Permanent home with clean lines and large veranda. The model is 82 m2 and houses 4 residents +2 guests.

Individual projects

Through the usage of our innovative technology, our architects are excited to help you in making your dream home come true.

Nextdom - A different way of life