NextDom - Mission, Vision, Team

NEXTDOM is the result of 15 years of experience in the construction and metalworking industry.


Our team is driven by the idea to constantly adapt new technology to surpass building standards and regulations while maintaining, lower cost and time of construction to create next generation home, for a better, more sustainable future.


The fundamental principle behind NEXTDOM, is to design your home with all the necessities and nothing more.


Our biggest value is our committed team that relies heavily on the new trends, design, materials and technologies in construction to meet our clients wishes and beyond.

The greatest asset of the company is our committed team.

We are a corporate group with expertise in the metalworking industry, design and construction.
Our innovative architects work with experienced engineers and building professionals to fulfill our clients highest expectations and beyond.

maxterOur Manufacturing Company

mccOur Facade Company

raynovskiOur Design Team

audaxOur Material Supply & Logistics